Santa Fe Restaurant Week

Feb. 23 - March 1

Shrub Cocktail Inspired By Your Garden

Shrub Cocktails Inspired by Your Garden
As the gloomy days of winter pass and warm weather approaches, we start dreaming of
a lighter libation to enjoy on the patio. The cocktails of the moment are made with
shrubs — fruit-flavored vinegars that add a refreshingly tart dimension with every sip.
For the homebound drinker, making shrubs isn’t a complicated affair. Strike the right
balance of vinegar, fruit and sweetener, and you have a cocktail staple that will keep for
up to six months. Anyone can enjoy also enjoy a refreshing nonalcoholic shrub, just stir
a splash into club soda for a sweet-and-sour thirst-quencher.

Start Time:  Saturday, February 29, 04:00 PM
End Time:  Saturday, February 29, 05:00 PM
Presented by:  Philip Joyce
Location Name:  El Nido
Location Address:  1577 Bishops Lodge rd

Reservations Required Please Call 505-954-1272 to reserve your space. A
credit card will be required with a 48 hour cancellation notice please.
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