Santa Fe Restaurant Week

Feb. 23 - March 1

"Mozzarella a Mano"

“Mozzarella a Mano” – Mozzarella by Hand
Join us for the Santa Fe Restaurant Week and Mozzarella making class at El Nido!!
Experience the joy of “pulling” mozzarella by hand! This guided experience led by Chef
Randy Tapia will take you through the science and process of making homemade fresh
mozzarella cheese! Of course, you will have the chance to taste and enjoy your creations with different accoutrements.

Start Time:  Thursday, February 27, 04:00 PM
End Time:  Thursday, February 27, 05:00 PM
Presented by:  Chef Randy Tapia
Location Name:  El Nido
Location Address:  1577 Bishops Lodge rd

Reservations Required Please Call 505-954-1272 to reserve your space. A
credit card will be required with a 48 hour cancellation notice please.
Or RSVP via email -